Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between an online publication and a Blog?

A: Though they are similar in some ways, an online publication provides you additional tools and capabilities for running banners on your site, event calendars, article history and classifications, and the ability for some of your articles to be links going to articles outside of your own site.


Q: Where is the publication hosted? Do I need to have my own servers?

A: The publication is hosted by Microsoft on their Officer 365 environment. No need to do any hosting yourself. Also by using Microsoft you are guarenteed a high availability for your site. ‚Äč


Q: Do I need a domain name?

A: Yes - You should register your domain through GoDaddy or a host that Microsoft supports through their interface. We will need technical access to your domain to set it up but you should remain the administrative and billing contact.


Q: Is there a cost to set this up?

A: We typically charge a $500 fee to establish the base publication and get it set up with your domain for you. We will work with you on basic design settings for the site but most of our "Base" setup follows a standard design which works for most of our projects.


Q: What if I want special customizations? Do you do custom coding?

A: Yes, we can work with you on special customizations and we can do custom coding projects for you. These all extend beyond our basic setup package so additional costs will apply.


Q: What are the up front costs for producing a publication?

A: We ask for 50% down and the balance paid before the publication is opened up to public access.




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