Project: "Tampa Bay Utilities"

Tampa Bay Utilities is a different type of publication from many of our others in that it is more focused as a business services directory for businesses providing utility or home services.

The primary function of the Editor/Ad Sales rep will be sales of directory listings and banner advertising for businesses such as electricians, appliance services or home service businesses. Articles may be submitted by businesses on topics such as home and appliance tips and these would be posted or administrated by the editor. Some of these could be “Sponsored” Articles as long as they are fully honest in content by experts.

Position: Editor/Advertising Sales

The site can be operated by a single person. The functions around this are more on the directory and ad sales side with higher income potential. Strong opportunity for someone looking for a part-time income working at their own pace and schedule.

Reviews and listings can be syndicated out onto other portals by Kwuick Publications for use on other sites. Additional income opportunities by cross selling banner and directory listings onto other KWUICK sites.

Editor for Florida Sports Shooter should be a resident within Florida and have a personal interest in Shooting activities, guns and gun rights, and archery. The Editor/Sales rep for this project will earn a high % of ad and income sales for the project. This is considered a partnership position with a high income split.

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