Project: "Fishhawk Shops"

Fishhawk Shops is a model of a community business and news portal developed for the Fishhawk community just outside of Tampa, Florida.

The portal is designed to provide news articles and news links for the residents of this nearly 5000 upscale community as well as a business and services directory, events listing, community contact numbers, and basically function as a home town small community news resource. Associated Facebook page has been created providing community feedback and interaction. The site includes banner functions and multi-level business directory functions so businesses can be listed for free with a minimal listing or with an advanced listings offering more business detail and event rich web page profile.

Position: Editor/Advertising Sales

The site can be operated by a single person and will work well for someone interested in plugging into the community and looking for a part-time income working at their own pace and schedule.

Related nearby projects that could be integrated well with this project include Bloomingdale Shops for the Bloomingdale community just 5 miles to the north which will have overlapping business and community interests.

Editor for Fishhawk Shops should be a resident or resident within close distance to the Fishhawk community. The Editor/Sales rep for this project will earn a high % of 50% or more of ad and income sales for the project. This is considered a partnership position with income from sales.



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