Tell Your Story!           

How do you tell your Story?  

Publishing is the proccess of telling your story or stories and getting yourself heard. Kwuick Online Publications focuses on creating the ability for an individual, organization or small company to move beyond the web page and the blog and helping to develop online solutions which allow you a forum for telling your stories, linking to stories of interest based on your topic, and helping you get heard without the complications of print.

Get in front of your audience on their computers, tablets and smart phones. Publish calendars, display banners, tell stories. 

Publishing by tradition refers to the creation of a publication in the form of a printed newsletter, book, magazine or other printed format laid out for print.

Today in the Internet World publishing extends beyond that of the printed format and into the online format presented in the form of an Internet website or downloadable electronic format for display on a computer screen, portable tablet or mobile phone device.

Kwuick Publishing specializes in the production of online websites which have a back-end set of tools allowing the owners to log in and post site content through the use of easy to use administration tools and forms. We also have opportunities to partner with individuals wanting to edit their own publications with projects we are developing as well as helping to develop projects based on your own interests and topics.

Our sites include normal publication features including:

  • Article Postings (These can include articles posted to the site or links to articles from outside resources)
  • Event listings
  • List postings to Websites (Links can be links to sites, or links to Facebook postings, Social network site postings, etc)
  • Directories such as Restaurants or Businesses
  • Video articles and links
  • Page copy maintenance for topical pages or areas on your site with dynamic content and maintainable copy such as instructions 
  • Interface with Social Media - Use a combination of your online publication with Twitter or Facebook and interact with your audience.
  • Version control allowing earlier versions of page or article copy be restored in the event of a problem
  • Hosting by Microsoft - All site content is hosted on Microsoft's own network infrastructure insuring uptime and availability

Base site designs leveraging the power of Microsoft's SharePoint 2013 (Most recent version) start at $500 including 1 user account and 12 months hosting, plus 20% of site sales revenue annually for hostng and support. Complete turn-over solutions available at a higher rate depenging on site design requirements


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